ECONOMY 01 – Economy Or Anti-Economy?

Let’s have a look at the definition of economy.

1520–30;  (< Middle French economie ) < Latin oeconomia  < Greek oikonomíā  “household management”, equivalent to oîko ( s ) “house” + -nomia -nomy “distribution”

e·con·o·my [ih-kon-uh-mee]

The correct and effective use of available resources.                                                         Careful management of wealth, resources, etc.; avoidance of waste by careful planning and use; thrift or thrifty use.

—Synonyms: thriftiness, thrift, saving.

Now let’s have a look at what defines the world economy.

It is unjust: Hunger’s False Economy

It is wasteful and greedy: What Countries Produce The Most Trash?

It is destructive: Consuming A Third Of The World’s Natural Resources In The Period 1970-1995

It values selfishness and over-consumption: Two-Thirds Of World’s Resources ‘Used Up’

It has been discussed of ways to put value on the environment but when politicians are confronted with this question, the usual answer they convey is that they need more economic growth to raise the money to spend on the environment – as in produce, consume and throw away even more resources. Are they out of their minds? Regardless, it is conventional wisdom (sarcasm) and yes, you may consider following up with such an economic model if you plan on completely drying up the planet of the resources it has left in 10 or 20 years , but I believe securing our future and the future of our children and having a well-thought, non-destructive, non-wasteful economic system is what we should be aiming for more to the point. It is safe to say that this economy will lead us nowhere and it is high time we looked for other means of proper use of the world’s resources.

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2 Responses to ECONOMY 01 – Economy Or Anti-Economy?

  1. Adolfo says:

    Very good analysis and with references!!, well done. Off course people are awakening and starting to see the manipulation of concepts that we have been subjected to, this is just more confirmation of Orwell’s doublethink, and some of those ideas are also seen in the movie ZEITGEIST: MOVING FORWARD


    • Andrew says:

      I know! I will be putting up Zeitgeist movies in the following posts as well!

      I am trying to give an easier approach at first so that people will not just immediately dismiss the content for reasons of disinformation but know that in fact these things are real and are happening right now.

      Thanks for the comment! 🙂

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