RELIGION 01 – Patriarchal Seizure

Religion, over the past millennia, has served not as a way of spiritual freedom, not as a way of redeeming man of sinful action, not as a way of cleansing man’s soul. From its base meaning, religion originated from the two terms “re” (again) and “ligare” (to connect); “re-ligare” (to reconnect) with God. This does not require worship, does not require adoration, does not require idolatry. Because this was so strong for people to have, the leaders of the times decided to use it as a mean of control, else they would lose any hold they had on the population. Much of the religious teachings were hence removed from the public view and the remaining content was to be modified over the course of history due to misinterpretation, false insight or even distortion. In the 12th century for example, with the establishment of the inquisition, tortures and terrifying murders were conducted. Now, Jesus never said anything about hurting anyone. Nowadays however, the teachings are still usable and have not been altered to the point of obsolescence. To be able to understand the subtle meanings, a keen and heightened perspective is required.

A Quick Study On World Religions

From reincarnation to permanent hell or paradise, from sheer judgement to eternal beingness, from science and human methods based religion to one divine being pervading through all, world religions keep producing discord among their followers in the public scene. The point where people get stuck and become ignorant is when they satisfy themselves with the teachings of one religion and condemn the others. If people would detach themselves from their beliefs for one moment they would see that all religions originate from the same one point. That one point has been given different names and in some instances the meanings attributed to those names may vary or be quite opposite from one another. Attributing meanings and human characteristics to something you do not fully understand is a mistake. Atheists for example claim that there is no God, but when it comes to explaining the creation of the universe they get stubborn and rely only on human science which is very limited. The planet we inhabit is but one speck in an unending ocean of creation. With that realization and with the agreement that science will not be able to cover the whole creation very soon, you may still affirm, in the context that you do not wish a God to govern over creation, that all has been created from nothingness. The thing is however that nothingness and God are again the same thing and that is where the real problem lies which can be very confusing to some. How can God be nothingness? Wouldn’t that imply that God does not exist? They give different names and have the idea that they are separate when in fact they are one and the same. God is not this old man in the sky that many compare with. Synonyms for God can be Allah, Creation, Nature, Spirit, even Bob for all God cares. Simply put, you may only make inferences to determine what God is really supposed to be, but those results will never lead you to discover the true identity of God. You have to understand that your mind is a part of creation and not something that encompasses the whole creation. Your mind can understand different concepts and ideas up to a point and to know God is a feat that your mind is simply not equipped with the necessary tools to grasp the totality of what God is. You can speculate and understand bit by bit of God which will no doubt help you a great deal, but what that means is that you should never get stubborn enough to think that you have reached the ultimate truth and to set yourself in a position as to not allow anyone or anything to change or add up to your view of God.

Until you can understand what and who God really is it is high time you relinquished your old beliefs so that you may witness the dawn of a new civilization, put an end to meaningless wars and bring harmony all over the land. Only then will you be free enough to ponder the mysteries of God.

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