EDUCATION 02 – Mass Hypnosis

The whole world is in a mass hypnosis, everyone is following the same generally accepted stereotype, people are self-satisfied, the curious and creative human nature is purposely dismembered. You go to school and learn how to make big money, you get a job from 9am to 5pm, you get a family and you think in that moment that you have succeeded in life. The question that remains is – is there more to life than just that?

It is like a program that all are running and they are not aware of it. You live inside a box and you see yourself magnificent to be just like the rest, someone who believes himself to have undergone great evolution, someone who does not know oneself, but one who buys the official story of life, someone who does not know why he is here and finally, someone who does not know what he is doing.

“The greatest hypnotist on earth is a box in the corner of your room. It is constantly telling you what to believe is real.” David Icke

The mainstream media keeps telling you what to believe. You get your world view from the media and they are controlling what information you get and whether you get it at all. You have been brought into a tribal belief system, you have a favorite team to cheer and other teams that you don’t like, you find it natural to have a leader, you have a political party that you sympathize while you severely question the other ones. They have taken advantage of your natural instincts to trap you into watching sports, soaps, shows and competition games. I mean look what is massively poured through tell-a-vision. They have lowered the intelligence quotient required for what they transmit to your basic instincts. It’s all about violence and sex. They look at you and laugh. They hold you for a total idiot.

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