ECONOMY 03 – The Industrial Food System

In the following movie you will find out how the food animals are being treated and in what form they are processed, how workers are treated inside these industries that produce cheap food in large quantities. As Raj states they are in fact cheat food. There are hidden costs that these industries do not pay, environment costs, labor health costs and social costs. It has also evolved in an unnatural way of viewing animals and customers. The food industry sees animals as mere commodities and customers as profit props. They don’t care for the well being of the people, all they care for is faster, fatter, larger production and more money.

Even if you say that it is cheaper to buy from these industries and you don’t have a lot of money anyway, think again, because if you decide to buy these cheap products then you will become sick and you will have to pay more for medicine and not only that but it impairs you, it makes you go through unnecessary pain, whereas if you decided beforehand to buy more expensive and more healthier food you would eliminate the surplus payment of money, stress and sickness. In the end we get to see how the farmer’s way of life is overruled and destroyed by these powerful industrial corporations.

“The industrial food is not honest food, is not priced honestly, is not produced honestly, is not processed honestly, there is nothing honest about that food.”

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