EDUCATION 03 – Abide By The Law

UK Peaceful Lawful Rebellion, March 26th 2011                                                                     “We ain’t messin’ around no more!”

“Any excuse will serve a tyrant.” Aesop

Laws are very important in your community. They provide you with freedom of standing out of whatever the government wants to do, they keep you out of doing stupid things such as free speech, having a life of your choice or perhaps proper recognition of the fact that you are actually a human being.

In the words of David Icke, let’s follow this through, shall we. You need a law to take away your liberty so that you can be free. Now how contradictory does that sound? And who are the first ones to stop a revolution when people are peacefully marching against a government injustice? The bloody police! Law enforcement! That’s right. Your law renders you inert in expressing your free will.

How can something that takes away your liberties make you free? Because that is what is largely believed by people, that law is designed to set you free. No, it is not. Maybe it is in the sense that if you give away all your liberties right now and become a slave in all respects you will be free from the government minions pressuring you to give away your freedom. That is the insane reality that brainwashed people live in.

“None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.” Goethe

Have you seen what is happening in the UK? The British Law is torn apart and it does its whole way with the UK population. It is common sense to have a pole attached with six surveillance cameras in a public street, but it is wrong for you to take pictures or film in your own backyard. It is absolutely mind boggling. Boycott the establishment as much as you can and if you are willing to rebel against it do not do it in a violent way. That’s what they are expecting of you. That will only justify their action to silence you using the same violence and you cannot force the system to change, you need to revolt with love, in a non-destructive manner.

One CCTV For Every 32 People!

And they are not used just for security, but even to fine any illegitimate behavior it catches as this journalist reports: “I was caught by a CCTV camera as I pulled into a bus stop for a few seconds to let a friend out. A week later a £100 fine arrived.”

Is CCTV Creeping Too Far?

This is the epitome of the tyranny exercised by law enforcement. Acts of brutality backed up by shotguns, grenade launchers, gas masks, MP5 and batons against unarmed public, random arrests and human rights violations. Welcome to the Police State!

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