EDUCATION 04 – Social Enslavement

From the moment you are born the government takes you in their whole fraudulent system and makes you their slave. They take the liberty to assign meaningless sheets to you, when you are FREE by your natural born right, let me stress that out, they apply to you a birth certificate, an ID card and everything in order to be used as representations of yourself, but they are not you, you are not the person owned by the government, you are an agent of the person, you are not the capitalized NAME on your birth certificate, driver’s license and so forth, the NAME on those documents is a fiction, it indicates a corporation so that the government can trick you into a consent in different charges that do not apply to you as the human being but to you as a corporation. You are not a piece of paper, yet from that moment on you have taxes to pay, you generate revenue for the government in the name of this imaginary person conceptualized through worthless documents.

This man shows you how it works and how everything began.

“Meet your strawman is a cartoon that tells the truth about your subject class citizenship in the United States. We have all been lied to and this video should be a spring board into re-educating yourself and standing up for your sovereign rights.”

“I claim Common law jurisdiction. I do not consent and I waive the benefit.”                            During a lawsuit Irene refused to fall in the trap of making a contract with the judicial court. She did not permit to be falsely led to create a joinder between Common Law and Admiralty Law. Thus the case was dismissed…

Furthermore, an even more detailed video explaining Corporate law and Common law.

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