POLITICS 01 – A Revolutionary Act

The 3rd US President, John F. Kennedy, knew it!

“I am asking your help in the tremendous task of informing and alerting the American people.” JFK                                                                                                       Guess that gives you a hint as to why they shot him.

Listen Carefully. This is not about conspiracies, global elitists or world-wide hypnosis. This is about your liberties, this is about your right to know the truth, this is about your freedom to create the world you wish to live in. This is about the people that are today in charge, the powers that be, which keep suppressing your liberties and your ways of life and you will not be fooled otherwise any longer, you will not stand by as you get integrated in your own slave-made cell for the corrupt, the rich and the evil, you will not chuck a report because it inspires conspiracy, you will not ignore a global control theory because it ignites controversy for it is your own future at stake, your own civilization and your own planet. This is for yourself and for everyone else. This is for humanity. And it is your duty as a soul embodied on this planet to care for what it is being done to it, to care for this planet that supports you and sustains you. Understand that this is not a hobby, this is not your daily dose of corporate movies, this is REAL LIFE with real people engaging themselves in these murderous acts, with real pain and suffering involved on both sides. These men and women and their children are crying for you to wake up, the countries struck by war are crying for you to wake up, the earth that is being ravaged and raped at this very moment is crying for you to wake up.

As Alex Jones beautifully puts it, “the minimum you can do is to question your reality”. Take heed that this is just one man and there are more like him out there. These people that have done such amazing work, they are the ones who are doing the field work for you. You don’t even have to spend the resources to investigate each and every geopolitical, economic or social aspect, you will have that data on your lap by request. All it takes is for you to consider it, question it and double check it if it does not bring true to you, but it represents a mandatory thing for the claims herein are the ones that go to the bottom of the human being, they make the difference between man and monster.

It is clear that things are wrong and anyone can see that from any little bit of information they may gather, be it issues of economic aspects, social, political or any other problem related to the different social structures that governs everyone’s lives. Look at the world, there is economic crises, famine, homeless people dying on the streets, revolts, continuous war between nations, social inequity, confusion, forms of violence against women, racism and hatred. And you think that’s normal?! The key questions that arise are the following: Are you willing to leave this unaddressed? How long do you think it will last? How about your children? Do you think they will be able to live in this society? How long does it take for you to realize that this is an urgent matter and it is to be addressed right now?

The political system is more tangled up in mischief than you will ever want to believe. Rise up, awaken. It is time. Remain ignorant and let all your liberties slowly be taken away from you or take action now and reveal the invisible bars that you sit behind. Together we are strong and they have no power over us, together we are many and they are few, together we can do the will of the many and not of the few, together we can stand for a better world without war, without injustice, a world of peace and love. We must choose and we must choose now. Choose between a world of fear and torment or a world of love and compassion. This is the choice we are faced with. Tell your neighbor, tell your friends, tell everyone you know that this is happening right now.


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