POLITICS 02 – War Is Peace

“When the government fears the people there is liberty; when the people fear the government there is tyranny.” Thomas Jefferson

Aside from the fraud, mass misplaced promises and deception that are involved in today’s elections, you can see a trend emerging, that of bringing peace with violence, that of bringing democracy with war. Whether it is a founded reason or something else one must investigate in order to bring justification for the countless deaths caused by armed combat.

Enrolling in the army is one side of the coin here. The officials say it is a matter of patriotism, a sense of duty, an act of love for your country. Young people are recruited under the motivation of gaining money for college. That sounds more like a job to me and they are just approaching you on the street in order to convince you to join the military. People don’t even know the implications in which they are asked to head into, they even treat it as a video game at times, they take photos with detainees, they even listen to music while taking down “the enemy”, as in people just like them.

The ones who forward these war policies are cowards and complete mindless lobbyists. They don’t even know what to be a patriot means. Murdering innocent people is not an act of love towards anyone. When they get engaged by ordinary people and asked how about signing their children in the military and sending them up in the war they run like the cowards they are or they completely evade answering to that question because they know very well that those who sign up are prone to unnecessary risk and have no honor, no recognition, nothing to gain from the war but have only a high chance of never coming back from the battlefield.

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