MEDICINE 01 – The Myth Of Modern Medicine

Olivia Hadassah

As a nurse I am shattering the myth of modern medicine.


Medical protocol is determined by what’s most profitable, which means “managing” diseases with medication rather than curing them. This way people stay sick, and keep spending money to get well.

Since graduating with honors in 1990 from one of the top 10 nursing schools in the US, I have learned the inside truth about Western medicine – a truth that most doctors and nurses are totally unaware of. Like myself they chose their profession with good intentions, believing it was valiant, but this is a powerful deception hiding a villainous truth.

A sample of topics I write on includes prescription drugs (ineffective and deadly), vaccines (also ineffective and deadly), fluoride (a chemical weapon found in many prescription drugs and added to tap water), chemotherapy (another chemical weapon), and chemtrails. I also discuss what we can do to safely regain optimal health.

Cosmetics: Organ Damage, Birth Defects & Cancer – Ask Nurse Olivia

Drug companies “fund” medical schools with millions of dollars annually in exchange for their loyalty, and therefore medical students are taught only to prescribe drugs and never learn that nutrition cures chronic diseases.

Drug companies also advertise heavily in medical journals and make up a good portion of their editorial boards, controlling what doctors read throughout their careers. Therefore most doctors are completely unaware that safe, natural and cost effective cures for their patients even exist.

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If you do not believe any of this, do yourself a favor and check Olivia’s blog for yourself or just WAKE UP and stop taking pills and drugs and start having a healthy diet!

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