This is a pretty nice documentary that I didn’t get to share back in the day, mainly due to the fact that it also talks about things that were never really introduced in older posts.


It is a real hassle in trying to keep up all these videos, since a lot of them do get taken down at one point, and I believe they are mandatory for each post. They add a lot of value and without them, frankly, I don’t know how strong the message remains. These great videos that people make have helped tremendously. Anyway, check out THRIVE.

There were still many things to add on this blog, but there are already so many sources out there explaining everything and more than we can imagine, that growing this blog would be a slow process and just a reiteration of what is out there already, albeit a more… I would like to say structured way of having knowledge from many domains in one single place. That is one of the problems I was trying to address here. There are always very well documented information sources, but often than not they represent just one side of the coin.

This blog can still act as an entry point to newer people and hopefully be enough to make them ponder their reality, really think outside of that social bubble they live in, ask themselves questions and just look things up and they can pick and choose what to believe or not. Being afraid of receiving erroneous information does not help and just keeps them closed inside the soap bubble.

When it comes down to it, blogging is busy work. I would have to check the videos and replace them if they are not up anymore and in some instances the videos would not be available anywhere. At the moment, probably a lot of them do not work any longer.

You can’t really force people to learn about stuff either. Trying to do that is most likely a disservice more often than not. We are heading in a good direction, although I would have liked us to progress a lot faster than this and with far less complications.

I enjoyed the blogging that I did here, but in the end it is not something that I want to do long term. I am not very good at it either, although I realize I have the potential. But where there is little passion, there are way too few avenues of success.

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